This is a great article discovered in the Winnipeg Free Press that highlights the regularity of discrimination that many of our senior adults face in our world. We have included the first few paragraphs to stir your interest. For the full article please visit the Winnipeg Free Press by clicking on the link below.

‘ANYONE over age 69 should face a firing squad” — this was just one of the many Facebook comments ridiculing the elderly cited in a recent Yale University study that reveals extensive bigotry and discrimination levelled at older adults on the popular social-networking site. Ageism, to give the offensive language a civil gloss, is a far too common occurrence on Facebook, the study found.

This may seem hard to believe for many people. After all, most of us have older people in our lives — our grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbours or community members — and we’d never wish them harm.

But discrimination on the basis of age is a daily occurrence for many seniors.

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