1. Provide core services in the health care system.
  2. Provide a key component of the continuum of care:
    • Holistic health promotion
    • Postpone and prevent disabilities
    • Allow seniors to maintain their independence longer.
  3. Provide assessments and outreach (staff know the community and identify priority needs).
  4. Build community partnerships with the private sector and other senior groups to develop new programs and services.
  5. Educate organizations about seniors’ issues and needs.
  6. Accessible locations and services.
  7. Give seniors a voice by involving seniors in decision making processes.
  8. Open atmosphere, adaptable to meet diverse client needs.
  9. Meet the holistic needs of seniors: mind, body and soul.

Senior Centres

  • Are community agencies with multiple services and a holistic health focus
  • Have community based boards.
  • Have professional staff maintaining the accessibility of centre services and programs.
  • Offer core preventive health programs
  • Provide leadership in the community
  • Offer resources to senior serving organizations.
  • Partner with other health care organizations to keep seniors in the community.

Drop In Centres/Seniors Clubs

  • Serve their members with specific programs.
  • Have member boards with no responsibilities to the larger community.
  • Generally do not have professional staff.
  • Focus on social and recreational programs