Photos by Brenda Tonn
The Arden Crocus Club recently hosted a Police Academy seminar on a wide array of topics. The course graduation was held on Thursday, Nov. 9.

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The Crocus Club in Arden recently hosted a very successful Police Academy program. The program has been developed to empower adults by providing them with information on safety and security issues, enabling them to make well informed decisions.

In total, there were six presentations, held on four different days. The presentations were: Falls and prevention by Jenna Kilburn of Country Meadows; Scams and frauds by Monica Petruskavich of Consumer Protection Office; Medications by pharmacist Patti Thomson of Plumas; Elder abuse by Brenda Tonn of Plumas; Planning for the future by Doug Brown; and Personal safety by Constable Silver of the RCMP.
On Thursday, Nov. 9, certificates were handed out to those who attended all six sessions. the feedback received from those in attendance suggested that the program was a very educational and worthwhile experience to everyone who participated.