October 28, 2016


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MCA Awards Recognize Seniors Dedication, Commitment to Their Communities:  Goertzen

The province is proud to celebrate Manitobans receiving Manitoba Council on Aging (MCA) Recognition Awards in recognition of their leadership, contributions and commitment to their communities, Health, Seniors and Active Living Minister Kelvin Goertzen announced today.

“Manitoba seniors are driving change in communities across the province.  They are leaders, supporters and organizers who volunteer their time to make life a little better for every Manitoban,” said Goertzen.  “The MCA awards are but a small token of Manitoba’s appreciation that recognizes their dedication and commitment publicly.”

The Recognition Awards ceremony has been held during Seniors’ and Elders’ Month since 1997, providing an opportunity to recognize Manitobans aged 65 and over who make extraordinary contributions to their communities.

The minister noted a small but significant change was made to the MCA’s top award this year to highlight that both older men and women are leaders of their communities.  After being known for 10 years as the Murray Smith Award, the MCA highest award will now be the Murray and Muriel Smith Award.  Goertzen said that just like the great Manitoba couple after which the award was named, its recipients are recognized for demonstrating outstanding qualities through volunteer service, advocacy, community influence and successful efforts in raising the profile of seniors.

“These Recognition  Awards shine a light on often unseen acts of service and the MCA is appreciative not only to the volunteers but also to the many Manitobans who have put the recipients names forward,” said Dave Schellenberg, chair, Manitoba Council on Aging.  “It’s a wonderful way to say thank you and makes us all proud to be part of a helping community.” The 2016 MCA award recipients are; • Bernice Marmel (Murray and Muriel Smith Award); • Lois Abraham; • Diana Ateah; • Denise Balcaen; • Florence Bourgouin; • Muriel McPhail; • Rosemary Shackel; • Walter Siemens; and • Diane Truderung.

Honourable mention certificates were awarded to: • Cécile Bérard; • Blanketing Manitoba; • Louise Chernetz; • Country Four (Luella Noble, Harvey Jellis, Perry Hallet, Elmer Hunter); • Phillippe Désautels; • Juliette Rowan; • Cory Juan; • Danny Rintoul; • Harold Simpson; • Felicity Trott; • Iva Wilson; • Darlene Mitton for the Expect Respect program; and • the Wellness Institute Communication Team.

The Manitoba Council on Aging was created in 1980 as an advisory body to ensure that seniors’ perspectives are reflected in government programs and policies.

More information on the recognition awards is available at: www.gov.mb.ca/shas/manitobacouncil/awards.html.