The Pain in the ASSiniboine Race is a great new event that combines some of the best “scenic cycling” our city has to offer with a “pleasurable paddle” on the Assiniboine.

The Race begins at the Forks Market where participants cycle 32 km over a series of river trails, single track, paved roads and limestone trail until you reach Beaudry Park in Headingly, Manitoba.

From Beaudry Park, racers will paddle 32 km by canoe (teams) or kayak (solo) down river to the finish line at the confluence of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers.

This year Dennis Leneveu finished first in the Male Solo category. The significant part is that he is 65 years old proving once again that amazing feats happen at any age! Dennis took 1:11:01 to cycle out to Headingly and 2:20:29 to paddle from Beaudry to the Forks. Way to go Dennis!

For more information about this event please visit the Pain in the ASSiniboine Website